Total Body Blend


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Let your natural health and wellness and beauty shine.  Total Body is literally “ALL THAT” Use it Internally to get the health benefits and pain relieve of the purest Phytonutrient Blend and anti imflammatory of Camelina Carrier Oil; A POWER PAK DUO. Internal/External Use Approved 

100% organic 100% strong


An Amazing total Restorative for scars. New or aged Scar tissue will melt away and be totally renewed!  

Healthy Glow


Let Your Health Shine

We look our best when we let our real selves shine through, not when we cover up what makes us unique. Let me guide you down new paths that will enhance your natural glow.

A Sustainable Approach


Total Botanics’ mission is to bring together local Sourced 100% Organic, Health and Beauty Wellness Products. We utilize the natural oils and herbs creating  with Intention of Love and Total Wellness.  We offer our products to our Customers in the most lovingly and ethically priced manner. 

Our CBD Isolate has absolutely no THC making it great for Pets. We have products to enhance and support your Pets best Health.


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